Palladio and the Impending Project

For the tutorial this week, I chose to work with Palladio because I have never used it before. I had worked on Tableau a bit for my final project in the last class. Working through the tutorial was fairly easy. First, I started with uploading and cleaning up the errors Palladio made in the process of uploading the data. This process was simple and straightforward.



Next, the tutorial took us through each of the different options Palladio has for viewing the data. The map feature was relatively basic by just showing a spread of the locations of the data, but you did have the option to show movement between the points.


Palladio also has the option to view the data on a timeline and you can isolate certain time periods. Also within the time periods you can sort by different facets or attributes in order to see relationships about what was going on during specific time periods of your data.


The gallery feature was also a great option for viewing data tied to images. I liked that you could use the same sorting and facet features that you could with the timeline feature.

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-10-07-15-am screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-10-09-26-am

The network diagram was cool, but I think I would have to be more familiar with the data in order to be able to work with that feature better. It was a little hard to figure out how to make the connections with this data.


Overall, Palladio is a really easy to use tool that displays data very well. However, like it was mentioned in the tutorial, Palladio could use a few improvements since it is still in the baby stages of development. It’s unfortunate that you can’t embed this tool anywhere because that could add a lot to a digital project. Also, Palladio does not have a save function. The closest thing you can do is to download and reupload your parameters so you don’t have to redo that part of the project. I wonder if it’s hard to create a save button or find space for people to save things because several tools seem to lack this feature.

Although Palladio is a cool tool, I’m not really sure it would fit well with my final project. My data is from a long text and is not very structured. If I could get my data into some sort of structured spreadsheet format then I think Palladio would be a great resource for visualizing the data. However, with the time constraints thats not really going to be possible. This past week I started to work through the Leaflet tutorials. They are going well so far, but I am moving through them a little slowly. Its a little hard to get used to new syntax, but I am following the logic of the tutorial. I think with some more practice I will be able to build a cool project with this tool. I think my goal for the next class period will be to start testing out a little bit of my data in the context of what I’ve been learning in the tutorials. I feel so much more confident in the direction of my project. Even though I’m doing a lot of legwork on the backend I think it will be worth it in the end. Additionally, now that I am working with this tool, I am starting to visualize a little more clearly what the end goal for this project will be.


2 thoughts on “Palladio and the Impending Project

  1. It sounds as though you had a positive experience with Palladio, while still recognizing some of its limitations. I’m glad things are continuing to go well with your final project and am looking forward to learning more about your progress later this week!


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